Corporate Bodies-Shareholders of Banco Finantia S.A.

Board of Directors 

  • António Vila-Cova (Non-Executive Chairman)
  • Alzira Cabrita (Non-Executive Director)
  • José Manuel Archer (Non-Executive Director)
  • Manuel Faria Blanc (Non-Executive Director)
  • David Guerreiro (Executive Director)
  • Ricardo Caldeira (Executive Director)
  • Telma Oliveira (Executive Director)

Audit Committee

  • Manuel Faria Blanc (Chairman)
  • José Manuel Archer (Member)
  • Alzira Cabrita (Member)

General Assembly 

  • João Vieira de Almeida (Chairman)
  • Sofia Barata (Secretary)

Secretary General

  • Maria Luisa Antas

External  Auditors

  • Ernst & Young Audit & Associados, S.R.O.C.

Strategic Board  

  • António Guerreiro (Chairman)
  • Eduardo Costa (Vice-Chairman)
  • Ahmet Iplikci
  • Carlos Cuervo
  • Christian Doppstadt
  • Dominique de Guerre
  • Eduardo Catroga
  • Israel Vainboim
  • Paulo Ferraz
  • Quoc-Bao Tran
  • Richard Gray
  • Rui Martinho


Shareholders with more than 5% of share capital

      • Finantipar, S.A.
      • Arendelle, S.A.
      • VTB Capital PE Investment Holding (Cyprus), Ltd.
      • Natixis
      • Erste Abwicklungsanstalt (EAA)
      • Surfolk, S.L.

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