Investing in Term Deposits

Finantia term deposits are the most suitable solutions for anyone seeking a risk-free investment of their savings with a guaranteed competitive return.

Term deposits benefit from the reimbursement guarantee of up to €100,000 provided by the Deposit Guarantee Fund for each account holder according to current law.

Finantia "Aforro" Term Deposit

Term Deposits GNAR Period Interest Payment Investiment
3,30% 24 months Semi-Annual €100.000 - €250.000

Finantia "Aforro" Term Deposit permits an partial or total early withdrawal. In case of withdrawal on the interest payment date, there will be no penalty. At any other time there will be a penalty on the interest of the respective semester corresponding to the part withdrawed.

Term Deposits

Term Deposits GNAR Period Interest Payment Investiment
2,50% 6 months Maturity €50.000 - €500.000
2,75% 12 months Maturity €50.000 - €500.000
2,90% 18 months Maturity €50.000 - €500.000
3,00% 24 months Maturity €50.000 - €500.000
4,25% 6 months Maturity $50.000 - $500.000
4,50% 6 months Maturity $50.000 - $500.000
4,375% 12 months Maturity $50.000 - $500.000
4,625% 12 months Maturity $50.000 - $500.000

Finantia term deposits permit an early, partial or total repayment without any loss of deposited capital. If the repayment occurs on the due date of interest, payment will be penalty-free. If the repayment occurs at any moment before the due date, there will be total or partial penalty of interest for the respective period of payment, based on to the repaid capital.

Term Deposits with Semi-Annual Yield

Term Deposits GNAR Period Interest Payment Investiment
3,00% 12 months Semi-Annual €50.000 - €500.000
3,15% 18 months Semi-Annual €50.000 - €500.000
3,25% 24 months Semi-Annual €50.000 - €500.000

Finantia term deposits with semi-annual yield do not allow full or partial early withdrawal.

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