The reasons for being a Finantia Customer

Financial soundness

Stability and security are a priority. Banco Finantia is currently the 7th Bank in financial soundness in the ranking 2019 of the “Top 250 EU Banks” according to the British magazine The Banker of the Financial Times Group.

Banco Finantia has shown financial soundness ratios above the Portuguese and European average over the years. In the last 3 years, Banco Finantia has always been among the 20 European banks with higher levels of financial soundness.


The strength of Banco Finantia also reveals itself in the efficient way it manages its resources and transforms them into revenues. Based on the Ranking of 2019 conducted by the same British magazine, Banco Finantia is considered the 9th most efficient bank among the “Top 250 EU Banks”.


Over more than three decades of existence, Banco Finantia has always presented positive net results, ensuring an adequate profitability to its shareholders, consistency and efficient management of its resources.

International recognition

Banco Finantia has also received international awards year after year, namely "Best Private Banking Portugal 2020" and "Best Corporate Bank Portugal 2020" by Global Banking & Finance Review and "Best Private Bank Portugal 2020" by The European Magazine. The places obtained in the ranking of the largest banks on a European and world scale by the British magazine The Banker recognize our performance.

These awards are the exclusive responsibility of the awarding entities that assigned them.


With the majority of Iberian investment and savings banks integrated into universal banking conglomerates, our clients value the fact that Banco Finantia maintains its status as an independent entity.


More than 30 years to find solutions for customers, individuals or companies, in an ever-changing and increasingly global world. Banco Finantia's track record speaks for itself.

Vast - nature of the operations;
Diverse - variety of economic sectors;
Global - cross-border solutions.

High Customer Satisfation Rate

In a recent study by the English Market Solutions, Ltd to the Bank's current customers, the vast majority (98%) of the respondents indicated that they were satisfied with Banco Finantia.

Flexibility and Competitiveness

Deposits with flexible deadlines, with no maintenance costs and with interest rates above the market average, allowing to respond adequately to the needs of depositors.

Invest in the future

We are a global and independent bank.
We have the ideal solution for those looking to save and invest.

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