Corporate Account Data Update

This page is dedicated to the process of updating our clients' data. Compliance with current legislation and the security of your information are priorities for Banco Finantia, ensuring the continuity and quality of our financial services.

In accordance with Law No. 83/2017, it is mandatory to keep our clients' and their representatives' data up to date. To comply with this requirement, we ask that you download the zip folder available on this page, which contains all the necessary forms.

Each document must be filled out, checking the "Update" checkbox for them to be considered an update to your account data, and signed. You can return them by mail or deliver them in person to the headquarters or branch of Banco Finantia.

Documents Download

We appreciate your cooperation and ask that you complete this process within 90 days to ensure efficient and uninterrupted service.

If you have any questions, please contact your private account manager

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