Banco Finantia acts as co-dealer in issuing EFACEC bonds

MARF, BME's Fixed Income market, registered a new issue by the Portuguese company EFACEC Power Solutions, SPGS, for a total value of 58 million euros. The bonds issued have a par value of € 100,000, a maturity of five years - due in July 2024 - and will pay an annual coupon of 4.5%.

BEKA Finance and Optimal Investments collaborated with EFACEC on this transaction as Coordinators. BEKA Finance also acted as Dealer in collateral placement and Banco Finantia as Co-Dealer, while VGM Advisory is EFACEC's Registered Consultant at MARF. The Paying Agent for the securities is Banco Comercial Português. The Portuguese law firm Vieira de Almeida e Associados, a law firm, advised the issuer on its debut in the capital market and in the registration with the MARF.

EFACEC Power Solutions has a BBB - stable outlook corporate rating from the Axesor Rating agency. The Group's consolidated turnover in 2018 was 426.6 million euros, with an EBITDA of 37.3 million. The company is present in 65 countries.

Learn more at the La Vanguardia website.

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