Banco Finantia innovates and expands its business in Open Banking with partner Savedo

Banco Finantia, in its business expansion strategy, has partnered with the German Open Banking platform called SAVEDO. This platform allows consumers to access, on a single website, the best deposit rates of several international banks.

With a global $ 50 trillion deposit savings market, this technology has the potential to capture a giant B2C market. To date, this platform has already
of $ 10 billion in time deposits.

Deposit Solutions acquired the Berlin-based savings deposit platform in August 2017 to act as its international channel. This movement saw the company
add more than 18,000 registered customers, 13 new partner banks such as Finantia Bank and extend its offer to consumers in two new countries, Austria and

With plans to expand also to the Swiss market, the company believes that growth for the U.S.A is a natural next step.

Learn more about the Savedo platform on Forbes magazine's website.

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