Customers satisfied with Banco Finantia, according to a market study

Last June, a satisfaction study was carried out to Banco Finantia's customers from Portugal and Spain, with the aim of understanding their opinion regarding the products and services offered.

Responses from Portuguese customers indicate that 96% of those surveyed are satisfied or very satisfied with the Bank's services, due to various distinguishing factors, such as the quality and added value of the service, the speed of response and clarity of information provided. In addition, customers point out that they chose Banco Finantia precisely because of the quality of the service provided and its better conditions, compared to other banks.

With regards to the services provided, customers positively evaluate the advice offered by the Bank in relation to their investments and the guidance given in making investment decisions. Added value in investment decisions and the lack of bureaucracy associated with contracting services are the indicators that most contribute to their level of satisfaction.

The majority of the respondents stated that they are satisfied with Banco Finantia, do not consider changing banks and would recommend the Bank's products and/or services to family or friends.

Having obtained mostly positive results, Banco Finantia will use the feedback received to continue to improve the quality of its services and products, reinforcing its commitment to customer satisfaction.

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