Greenvolt launches bond loan "Greenvolt Green bonds 2027" placed by Banco Finantia

Banco Finantia is one of the depositors of the bond loan, called Greenvolt Green Bonds 2027 launched by Greenvolt – Energias Renováveis, S.A., in the amount of €100 million.

Greenvolt is issuing Greenvolt Green Bonds 2027, with a nominal unit value of €500 and a fixed interest rate of 5.20%* per year through the launch of a publicly-paid subscription offer ("Offer").

Greenvolt Green Bonds 2027 are green bonds as Greenvolt has undertaken to use the funds obtained from the emission proceeds in the financing and/or refinancing of eligible green projects under the Greenvolt Green Bond Framework of October 2021, which is available on the Issuer's website (

You can subscribe to the GreenVolt Green Bonds 2027 between 8:30 am on November 2, 2022 and 3:00 pm on November 15, 2022.

The Greenvolt Green Bonds 2027 subscription price is €500, with a minimum investment of €2,500 (corresponding to 5 Greenvolt Green Bonds 2027).

* Gross Nominal Annual Fee (subject to Greenvolt's credit risk and current tax regime. Ask your financial intermediary to simulate net profitability, after taxes, commissions and other charges).

In the Subscription Offer, the Greenvolt Green Bond 2027 subscription price is €500, with a minimum investment of €2,500 (corresponding to 5 Greenvolt Green Bonds 2027 and in multiples of €500 corresponding to 1 Green Volt Green Volt Bond 2027).

This issue is organized by Millennium BCP and Caixa BI – Banco de Investimento, S.A. and has as placing banks, in addition to Banco Finantia, ActivoBank, EuroBIC, o Millennium bcp, BIG, Banco Carregosa, Bankinter, Banco BEST, CaixaBI, CCCAM, Banco Montepio, CGD and novobanco.

All will distribute the Greenvolt Bonds 2027.

We inform you that Greenvolt - Energias Renováveis, S.A. ("Greenvolt" and/or "Issuer") decided on November 9, 2022 to increase the maximum number of bond-representing bonds of the bond loan called "Greenvolt Green Bonds 2022-2027" ("GreenVolt 2027 Bonds") referred to as the prospect of a public subscription offer and admission to trading on the Euronext Lisbon regulated market managed by Euronext Lisbon – Regulated Markets Management Company, S.A., relating to the aforementioned bond loan, approved and disclosed by the Comissão do Mercado de Valores Mobiliários ("CMVM") on October 25, 2022 ("Prospectus") for up to 300,000 bonds and, therefore, increase its overall nominal value to up to €150,000,000.

Detailed information about this operation can be found in and

Information and Documents:  

Offer Prospectus (Portuguese version)
The Greenvolt Green Bonds 2027 brochure (portuguese version)
Addendum to the Prospectus (Portuguese version)

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