Portuguese customers very satisfied with Banco Finantia, according to a study carried out

Recently, an additional online market survey was carried out for clients of Banco Finantia in Portugal, through the English company Mmarketsolutions, with a base of approximately 1,029 customer responses.

The main results indicated that 98% of the respondents are satisfied or very satisfied with the services of the Bank and compared to the competition, 55% considered our services better.

The main reasons for this success are not only competitive rates (81%) but also reputation factors (Tracking Bank Finantia throughout the year and financial strength of the bank) and ease of use factors (ability to respond to problems / issues posed and less bureaucracy than the average), all being mentioned by more than 25% of the respondents. 20% mentioned that the bank's reputation for being solid and secure has influenced its decision. The need to diversify into other institutions was a key factor for 35%.

99% of customers are satisfied with their account managers, of which 78% are very satisfied. Almost all respondents (98%) would recommend time deposits to a friend or family member - a positive factor in maintaining this pipeline of new clients.

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