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We support our clients attaining their investment and savings objectives, based on a sustained and balanced growth of their assets. This is the reason of being of the Private Banking department at Banco Finantia, consolidated in a personalized, competent, discreet, and confidential advisory. With more than 30 years of experience valuing our clients' financial assets. We provide clients simple and transparent solutions that are suitable for their risk profile, their return expectations, and their investment timeframe. The products and services we provide cover: Term deposits and CD'sInvestment...

Investment Funds

We put at your disposal a wide range of securities investment funds, managed by some of the most recognized foreign fund managers. The team of specialists that make up Banco Finantia's Private Banking department is available to study the investment possibilities of each client based on their specific needs and requirements. The wide range of funds available by Banco Finantia allows you to offer the best solutions for your investment, based on our non-independent consulting service, where the most appropriate investments are recommended for you and which also includes exclusive follow-up and...

Investment Advisory

Banco Finantia's experienced team of Private Banking consultants specializes in providing personalized advisory services on financial instruments. This is adjusted to the specificity of the risk profile of each investor, based on their knowledge, experience, financial capacity and return objectives, for a given time horizon, without prejudice to the investment decisions being always yours, and not being linked to advice provided in any way. Risk Profiles To simplify your choice and optimize the management of your investments, we currently have three model portfolio profiles: Based on a...

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