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We support our clients attaining their investment and savings objectives, based on a sustained and balanced growth of their assets. This is the reason of being of the Private Banking department at Banco Finantia, consolidated in a personalized, competent, discreet, and confidential advisory. With more than 30 years of experience valuing our clients' financial assets. We provide clients simple and transparent solutions that are suitable for their risk profile, their return expectations, and their investment timeframe. The products and services we provide cover: Term deposits and CD'sInvestment...

Term Deposits

Finantia term deposits are the most suitable solutions for anyone seeking a risk-free investment of their savings with a guaranteed competitive return. Term deposits benefit from the reimbursement guarantee of up to €100,000 provided by the Deposit Guarantee Fund for each account holder according to current law. Term Deposits GNAR Period Interest Payment Investiment Banco Finantia 6 monthsYield term deposit 0,25% 6 months Maturity €50.000 - €500.000 Banco Finantia 1 yearYield term deposit 0,40% 12 months Maturity €50.000 - €500.000 Banco Finantia 2 yearsYield term...


Banco Finantia Is Banco Finantia a safe bank? Yes, Banco Finantia is a bank with more than 30 years of experience, specializing in Private Banking and Corporate and Investment Banking, with a record of profitability and financial soundness ratios above the Portuguese and European averages. In addition, the high international rankings, the awards received over the years and the high satisfaction rate of its customers attest to its reliability. When was Banco Finantia founded? Finantia's activity began in 1987 as a financial services company. In 1988 he became an Investment Company and in 1992...

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